Software Products

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize provides a comprehensive solution to manage all compliance requirements faced by an organization and enables enterprises effectively monitor and manage information flow, ensuring regulatory compliance to local and international compliance standard.


 Comprehensive Central Management Console

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize helps organizations to efficiently enhance IT Policy as well as effectively monitoring both online and offline activities of employees through an inclusive central console. It also allows the administrator to perform the tasks as per below:

  • Profile setting for users and groups
  • Multiple Monitoring setting based on schedule
  • Instant update and information gathering
  • Customizable alert message and policy acceptance
  • Flexible report generations
  • System tampering monitoring

 Sensitive Information Monitoring

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize helps security heads to monitor sensitive information within their organization. The monitoring system covers various ways of tagging information as sensitive via rules and monitoring of sensitive information is not limited to documents only. It also observes and screens the defined information in areas such as email body, chat, web etc.

 Advance USB Management

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to monitor file changes of thumb drives and provides complete audit trail in the case when sensitive documents are being copied onto them. It also allows management to restrict the use of thumb drives to only office documents hence preventing the people from copying away with the company’s important data.

 Sensitive File Scanner

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize includes a scanning system that enables organizations to scan and locate documents containing sensitive data from PCs in order for their management to take appropriate action. It also has a special feature for scanning file servers known as Remote file server scanning.

 Decentralized Management of Sensitive Data

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize supports organization to differentiate between company’s data and user’s personal data by only monitoring the list of company’s personal data. To achieve this, the system allows a list of all the company’s regular expressions to be uploaded into the system and only monitors the users against this list. This prevents the detection of user’s personal information.

 Work from Home and BYOD Monitoring

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize helps the management to monitor user’s personal laptops or PCs. It is able to differentiate between users personal information and work from company’s information. The system also allows the definition of a business user account in the user’s personal machine. Further to force the user to log into the business user account to do work, all work associated applications, company’s network, documents etc. are only accessible when he logs into the business user account.

 Encryption of Sensitive Files

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to encrypts sensitive files based on the central rules defined in the system or by individual tagging by the respective users. Encrypted files are depicted with a triangle next to them. It offers universal encryption which means the files remain encrypted even if they are sent out from the host machine via any means such as email, chat, file upload etc. The host machine receiving the encrypted file can only open the file if it has the ZEBRAGUARD agent installed.

 Document Usage Control and Sensitivity Levels

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize assists organizations to secure important documents, applies access profiles and limits the use of the document and data contained within commensurate with the sensitivity and critically of the information.

 Document Access Control for sensitive information

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize allows the organizations to restrict certain documents to certain group of users. This can be done centrally at the server level using rules or in a decentralized manner by each particular user. For example, accounts related documents can only be edited by the Accounts department and relevant managers.

Hand Phone and tables data monitoring

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize supports the viewing of encrypted documents on iOS and Android devices. All documents are tracked on the handheld devices, tracking document changes for sensitive files. In the event that a hand phone/tablet is lost, the APP can be switched off hence the encrypted documents will no longer be accessible to the user. The APP follows the usage restriction and access restriction as defined for that document and user.

 Network Connections Monitoring

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize provides the ability for organization to monitor and block 3G modems, hotspots and other nonstandard network connections. Use of 3G modems, smartphones etc. to bypass the corporate network is very common and creates a serious threat to the company’s network and productivity. It offers full control over these ad hoc connections restricting network connection to only company specified network connections.

 Proactive Software Management

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to schedule Software Audits and report on which software is installed and on which machine with full detail about the software. It reports on total number of unused software, licensed and unlicensed software in a particular environment.

Effective Hardware Management

ZEBRAGUARD | Optimize is able to schedule hardware audits and report on the hardware configuration, total number of video, audio and image files stored in the PC. It allows the admin to better plan their resources and request the users to delete certain personal files in the event the machine is running low on resources.