Consultancy on organization capability development and ICT strategies

The world goes into a new era with the knowledge econmy and knowledge society. Globalization waves spread on the whole earth and every organization and business is changing their activites on the information technology and developing the collaboration between knowledge workers in order to meet the fierce competition environment and fast technology changes.

In that case, businesses and organizations in Vietnam face much difficulties when adapting to a new age while their traditional management ground still based on old management methods. Social situations are fast changing with new IT infrastruture is established, knowledge level of workers are advanced, especially in organizations and businesses with heavy IT applications.. However most of their management systems are not yet radically changed to meet the changes in the world as well as in Vietnam.

Realizing the important need of every organizations to consolidate, to reform and to reenginer business activities by IT, Qnet introduces a management consultancy service to help them in shifting from their current management situations into an advanced managements practiced in the world and also asuring their development in controls.

We shall provide consultant services on strategy management, middle management, project management, service management, standarded process management, process improvement, CMMI, ITIL, ISO 20001, ISO 27001, ISO 9001,... Knowledge and new practices based on the international standards would be introduced as well as adapting ways into specific situations of each organization and business.

Qnet recognizes that by consultant processes, new knowledge on management would be transferred from Qnet's leading experts, both international and Vietnam experts, to customers partners. In providing consultant services, Qnet would like to develop a long term and trust partnerships with its customers. Qnet commits to provide its customers and partners the best knowledge and skills via social networks.

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