Staff of Knowledge Experts

In the knowledge era, Qnet realizes the radical changes in conceptions about organizations' resources: the strength of an organization bases on exploiting knowledge and skills accumulated in main experts of the organization and also bases on the mass collaboration to strengthen knowledge potentials in the community. The assets which is paid attention by Qnet are knowledge and skills meeting the market needs. To develop such knowledge and skill sources in businesses and communities, Qnet pays attention on developing knowledge systems both on people and learning environments, to meet various needs of on-going lifelong learning.

Thus Qnet focuses on developing a group of prominent experts, keeping up with new development in the world and creatively applying in Vietnam's situations so that the transferring knowledge and skills could be done to organizations and businesses. Beside of traditional contents, Qnet follows up new developments in the world and update curriculum for teaching and training in Việt Nam. On the other hand, Qnet stresses on the change of teaching methods, replaces lecturing and memoring methods by learning by doing, every trainee is required to practice for their knowledge and skill development.

The group of prominent experts will develop knowledge framworks for managing and leading organization driven by IT. The deployment of trainings driven by the knowledge frameworks would be realized by collaborating other experts who are working in industies as well as universities and training centers. This is a forrm of mass collaboration with sharing, equality and realized on the national and international levels.

In comparison with current conceptions, Qnet has its own staff, who are at high levels, and Qnet develops also a group of trainers by projects, most of them are experts in the country or abroad, in various sectors of IT, who keep some important positions in big technology organizations such as banks, telecommunications, governmental offices, technology corporations,....

Based on identifying trainees, objectives of each training courses and selecting suitable trainers, Qnet believes that it would bring to its customers the best servies with highest quality.