Renting Infrastructure For Training

Qnet office is at the 21-floors VTC Online buiding, called as the building of high tech companies, modern and meet requiremnts at international level, convennient transportation between the Hanoi center and the new administration city area at the west of Hanoi. The building has many additional services: cantin, bar, restaurants, banks, supermarket, with large carparks. Reception, drinkings, internet, …for free.

Beside the convenient, fast, professional and cost reduced services, customers who used Qnet's renting services are also satisfied by utilities of the smart building, including:

  • Office equipments with high quality, sychronized, electricity, telephones,  internet, LAN…
  • Modern light system, broadband optic backbone to serve all services like teleconferences, online training both video and audio.
  • Standby electric generators 100% power.
  • Central air conditionaire system.
  • 5 Mitsubishi elevators , including 4 elevators 1050Kgs and 01 load elevator 1600Kgs, speed 2.5m/s.
  • Fire alarm system, automatic fire rescue
  • Fire prevention system Sprinkler, smoke detectors, 3 staires for escape.
  • Open wall system, open views, Soundless and heatless and radio-shielded reduce.

The following is some selections on functional rooms for your selection:

Functional rooms




Lab 1

16  trainees


CPU Intel dual core, RAM 4GB, HDD 500GB, DVD, Screen 17’, OS windows 7   


- Sony projector with high resolutions, white board, Flip chard, sound and light suitable for research and learning environment

- Practice equipments such as Server, Switch, Router, Virtual tool set, Security tool set,.. would be provided and installed by the demand of customers

Lab 2

30 trainees

CPU Intel core i5, RAM 8GB, HDD 500GB, DVD, Windows 7, Screen 17’

Lab 3

20 trainees

HP Z210:CPU: Core i2; Ram: 8Gb - DDRam 3; HDD: 500GB; Windows 7 professional; LCD: HP 18.5 inch

Lab 4

25 trainees

  Processor Intel Pentium CPU G640 @ 2.8GHz (2CPUs), Ram 8G, HDD 500GB, Dell monitor17”, Dell keyboard, Dell optical mouse, Dell DVD/CD-ROM

Lab 5

30 - 60 trainees

CPU Intel core i5, RAM 8GB, HDD 500GB, DVD, Windows 7/Unix/Linux,  Screen 17’







30 – 500 persons           


The room could be set up to be suitable with different requirement: functional room, conference, workshop …

Sound, light systems,, modern tables, chairs …at service standards 3* to 4*