Mr. Ngo Trung Viet – Knowledge Development Director

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Mr. William Hioe - Senior Advisor on training content design

William has more than 25 years’ experience in national-level and government-wide-level ICT strategic planning and masterplanning, ICT policy research and development, and statistical modelling and analysis as an inhouse consultant with the Singapore government.  He was involved in a number of high-profile national-level, government-wide-level and departmental-level ICT strategic planning and masterplanning, and ICT architecture design projects, either in a lead role or as a key member of high-powered project teams.

Besides, William has no less than 15 years’ experience in developing performance management systems and key performance indicators that are aligned to the organisation’s mission, vision, goals and strategies. William was involved in development and implementation of ICT-based systems to monitor the organization’s performance.

William conducts regular training and experiences sharing in ICT strategic planning, e-government and e-governance to CIOs and government ICT directors in South East Asian countries, including Vietnam.  In addition, William have also taught courses in ICT strategic planning, ICT architecting, e-government and e-governance at a university in Singapore.

Mr. Yun Ta Chun – Senior Business Strategic Advisor

Ta Chun has rich experience in areas of Masterplanning and Strategy using ICT in past 25 years.  In the 20 years with Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Ta Chun took on a leadership role and was instrumental in using ICT to lead Singapore as the frontier, in National Defence, developing and enhancing national-level defense strategies through the use of IT. During then, Ta Chun led the team throughout the architecture, design, implementation, training and operations.  Ta Chun was conferred the Public Service Medal by the President of Singapore for his contributions in transforming the ICT system in the Armed Forces.

Following from his SAF stint, Ta Chun entered the private sector, bringing to the private sector a wealth of new perspective in using ICT as a strategy and also more stringent business requirement in embracing real-time, mission-critical technologies.

Ta Chun is currently working with a diverse international and regional team in all the projects in the region.  His leadership quality is a result of his many years in leading teams. His experience in leading teams ranges from highly technical research team to the multi-layered large scale project implementation teams.  But consistent to all the teams that he led, the synergy of technical and operational experience of the team members are able to be cumulated in the form of the best decisions made collectively.